Ultimate Body Press Bodyweight Resistance Trainer Review

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Technical Details
  • A complete bodyweight gym supporting highly metabolic compound exercises and assisted exercise variations for full workouts for every skill level
  • Exclusive lay flat handles and 'no-rub' cam buckle placement
  • Single/multi-point anchoring system including two independent quick connect suspension straps, integrated foot loops and a universal utility anchor
  • Extra-wide 6' straps index stitched for fast easy adjustments
  • Includes extra-wide 6 foot straps indexed for fast easy adjustments, drawstring bag for travel and full color poster with 26 exercises and 3 sample workouts
  • Ultimate Body Press delivers better workouts every day. Includes Prime eligible shipping, USA customer service and 100% satisfaction guarantee
    Bodyweight Resistance Trainer Get professional full body results with the new Bodyweight Resistance Trainer system from Ultimate Body Press featuring our exclusive Lay-Flat handles and full color exercise guide. Bodyweight Resistance Trainers get healthy results fast with highly metabolic bodyweight training for your upper body and chest, core and even the difficult to target muscles of the lower body – all with infinitely variable resistance provided by your bodyweight. Better Design for Better Workouts Commercial grade components include two independent extra-wide straps indexed for fast even adjustments, universal carabiner anchoring strap, heavy duty cam buckles and high strength handles with integrated foot loops. Innovative Lay-Flat Handles and hardware layout follow body contours to prevent contact with buckles for enjoyable workouts that promote optimum form. Anchor Anywhere Anchor using doorways, pull up bars, rafters, beams, outdoor park structures – even tree limbs. Single point utility strap anchoring lets you workout in any location while independent quick-connect 'S' hook anchoring lets you expand your training with movements both toward and away from the body centerline. Comprehensive exercise guide includes 26 movements and 3 sample workouts. Infinitely Variable Resistance Indexed straps and quick adjust buckles let you tailor resistance for each exercise. Complete full sets of every exercise by dialing in the amount of resistance that works for you – even with pull ups. Results pile on fast when every workout is custom tailored to maximize your challenge. Shop with ConfidenceAt Ultimate Body Press we are proud to serve your gym needs and want to exceed your expectations for customer service. Customer service has complete resources to assist you and is available by phone or email. Your satisfaction is 100% guaranteed, order your Bodyweight Resistance Trainers today.

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