Rowing Machine Seat Cushion (MODEL A) that perfectly fits Concept 2 with Thick Memory Foam and Washable Cover Review

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Technical Details
  • OUR ORIGINAL CUSHION: This rowing cushion has proved to be very popular and in high demand because it adds Much Needed comfort to the rowing machine
  • MEDIUM THICKNESS MEMORY FOAM that is almost 2 inches thick-provides perfect comfort with medium foam density
  • SUPER NON-SLIP SURFACE from a high friction rubberized material that prevents the seat cushion from slipping off of the seat while rowing
  • MACHINE WASHABLE COVER to keep the cushion clean after every use
  • DESIGNED BY COLLEGIATE DIVISION 1 ROWER who has competed against Harvard, Yale, Princeton, University of Washington and won Eastern Sprints. The cushion allows for longer rowing sessions to maximize fitness and speed
    The concept 2 rowing machine seat can be hard and uncomfortable. As a business student and a Division I rower I designed this PERFECT solution. Features: • The MOST COMFORTABLE rowing machine seat cushion on the market • Memory foam that allows you to comfortably sink into the cushion • A machine washable cover • Doesn't slip even during maximal effort • Fits the Concept 2 Rowing Machine Perfectly Why Use This Seat Cushion? • This seat cushion was designed and tested by DIVISION 1 COLLEGE ROWERS to enhance comfort during long rowing sessions • Long rowing sessions are important to achieve FAST 2K TESTS or to BURN FAT • This cushion will allow for comfortable training to become 2K FIT Who should buy this product? • This seat cushion is perfect if you have NEVER ROWED BEFORE so you avoid tailbone pain • Veteran rowers who are trying to BREAK 6 MINUTES on their 2K and spend large amounts of time on the rowing machine should also buy this product 100% SATISFACTION GUARANTEED

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