Rowing Machine Seat Cushion (MODEL A) that perfectly fits Concept 2 with Thick UPDATED Dual Density Memory Foam and Washable Cover Review

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Technical Details
  • OUR ORIGINAL CUSHION: This rowing cushion is thinner than our Model B cushion but it adds just as much comfort with our Updated Dual Density foam design
  • DUAL DENSITY MEMORY FOAM that provides perfect comfort with medium memory foam density on top and firmer closed cell foam on bottom so you don't sink all the way through the cushion
  • SUPER NON-SLIP SURFACE from a high friction rubberized material that prevents the seat cushion from slipping off of the seat while rowing
  • MACHINE WASHABLE COVER to keep the cushion clean after every use
  • DESIGNED BY COLLEGIATE DIVISION 1 ROWER who has competed against Harvard, Yale, Princeton, University of Washington and won Eastern Sprints. The cushion allows for longer rowing sessions to maximize fitness and speed
    The concept 2 rowing machine seat can be hard and uncomfortable. As a business student and a Division I rower I designed this PERFECT solution. Features: The MOST COMFORTABLE rowing machine seat cushion on the market Memory foam that allows you to comfortably sink into the cushion A machine washable cover Doesn't slip even during maximal effort Fits the Concept 2 Rowing Machine Perfectly Why Use This Seat Cushion? This seat cushion was designed and tested by DIVISION 1 COLLEGE ROWERS to enhance comfort during long rowing sessions Long rowing sessions are important to achieve FAST 2K TESTS or to BURN FAT This cushion will allow for comfortable training to become 2K FIT Who should buy this product? This seat cushion is perfect if you have NEVER ROWED BEFORE so you avoid tailbone pain Veteran rowers who are trying to BREAK 6 MINUTES on their 2K and spend large amounts of time on the rowing machine should also buy this product 100% SATISFACTION GUARANTEED

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