GX&XD Twisted Waist Thin Waist Tummy Slim Waist Plate time Fitness Equipment Household use-D Review

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Technical Details
  • Loss Weight - Step Up And Down,Swing Left And Right, Drive The Body movement. If You Adhere To 10 Minutes Every Day, So You Get Rid Of Excess Fat, Create A Perfect Body.
  • Small Area - Small Size, Light Weight, Easy To Carry, No Noise, Do Not Worry About Disturbing The Baby, Pets And Neighbors, So You Can Exercise At Anytime, Anywhere
  • Strong bearing capacity- durable metal stent, the center of gravity stable, good exercise, longer life, so make fitness become easier
  • NO ELECTRICITY - no need to connect power, multi-function LCD panel, automatic calculation, easy to carry out your weight-loss plan
    Insist On Exercise,Lose Weight Easily,You Will Have Perfect fitness Max Loading:100kg Functions: Function 1.Twist Your Waist-Able To Strong Belly And Waist,Shape The Appealing Belly Waist. Function 2.Lift Your Hip-Able Be Strong Buttocks,Shape The Curve Beautiful Hip. Function 3.Step-By-Step-Able To Sturdy Legs,Create A Charming And Charming Seductive Legs. Characteristic: 1.With The Display Screen,Manage Your Movement Facilitately. 2.You Can Easily Adjust The Intensity Of Exercise You Need, Just Foot In Front Of The Pedal,You Can Increase The Exercise Intensity;Or Foot In The Rear Can Reduce The Exercise Intensity. 3.Do Not Take Up Space,Easy To Collect. Method Of Walking: First,pre-Exercise Preparation Step Before Excerise,With A Slow Or Simple Exercise For 5-10 Minutes,Now Do Not Do high-Intensity Exercise. Second,Stretch Muscles And Bones Before Exercise,Prepare The Movement,Stretch Bones,Exercise About 10 Minutes. Third,Step By Step Movement When Movement,Keep The Body Straight,Because The Step Movement Energy Consumption Is Large,So The Beginning Of The Movement Should Not Be Too Long.Day Exercise Does Not Exceed 30 Minutes,Exercise Increased By 10 Minutes Per Week.After A Strong Exercise,You Need To Have A Full Rest And Effective Nutritional Supplements, There Will Be Better Sports Effect. Fourth,The End Of The Movement After A Long.Period Of high-Intensity Step-By-Step Movement,The Thigh Muscles Will Tremble,Then It Take 5 Minutes To Move To relax.

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