Air Climber Express Review

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Technical Details
  • Using air resistance to cushion your every step, and much more superior than spring or piston types.
  • The Air Stepper's advanced, air-powered design eliminates pounding and jarring impact on your body.
  • Train shoulder, triceps, abs, oblique muscles, and muscles in your whole leg.
  • Use your Air Stepper for a longer period without feeling pain because of the minimal impact on your body.
  • Durable plastic and strong design for long lasting usage.
    With every step, air flows from pedal to pedal inflating the bellows, so you're literally stepping on a soft cushion of air. Impact and pounding to your body is dramatically reduced compared to walking, jogging or aerobics. At the same time, the air flow actually helps lift your legs, so you keep moving to burn fat to get results faster than you ever thought possible. The resistance dial adjusts the air that flows from bellow to bellow. Now you can go from easy, light steps to a powerful, leg-sculpting workout.

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